“As someone who served our country for 20 years as a U.S. Marine, I take my core values of honor, courage, and commitment deeply serious, and have always relied on those values to guide me.  Although our region continues to rank among the highest in economic segregation, income and gender inequality, poverty, lack of affordable housing, low usage of local small, minority, women and veteran-owned businesses, and public safety issues, I know that with your support, we can turn things around – so that EVERYONE has the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

It’s ALWAYS time to do the right thing… it’s about ALL of us.

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Queta is a public servant by nature.  Raised in one of the poorest neighborhoods on the Westside of San Antonio, she was instilled with a strong sense of family and community, and a sense of responsibility to those around her who faced seemingly insurmountable odds of beating poverty and inequality. In fact, when she was in second grade, Queta organized a boycott of a visit by King Antonio during Fiesta.  At the time, the Texas Cavaliers did not allow non-white citizens into their organization.  Recognizing the hypocrisy of a racist organization visiting a poor, predominantly Mexican-American neighborhood school, Queta convinced her classmates to join her in boycotting the visit.  Her beloved teacher, Mr. Duncan McNaughton, proudly allowed the boycott to take place. Queta grew to understand the importance of doing something greater than oneself and demonstrated it when she decided to enlist in the United States Marine Corps in 1991, following in the footsteps of her two older brothers who were serving in the U.S. Navy.  After 10 years of service and because of her demonstrated leadership, she was selected  for a commissioning program and went on to earn her Bachelors Degree in Government.  Following her graduation from the University of Maryland, College Park, she was commissioned as an Officer of Marines, and went on to serve another 10 years.  During her career, she deployed to areas throughout the Pacific and the Middle East, supporting forces around the globe.  Queta retired as a Captain after 20 years of faithful service to our country.


Throughout her active duty service, Queta never forgot the importance of family and community. She raised four beautiful children – Derrian, Marisa, Amaya and Miguel – and always knew she would return home one day to serve her community.

Her Continued Service:

Since her retirement from the Marine Corps in 2012, Queta has continued to serve as a strong advocate for both the veteran and non-veteran community.

In December 2013,  Queta was selected as the Bexar County Veterans Service Officer.  In this capacity, with her vision, strategic and innovative thinking, and unrelenting approach, Queta completely transformed the Veterans Service Office into a more modern, effective, and efficient office.  Using “outside the box” strategies, she transformed the office into one of the most recognized in the State of Texas.

While continuing to face fiscal challenges, she used the power of creating strong partnerships with external agencies to improve services and more effectively advocate for veterans, dependents and their survivors, and ultimately was responsible for obtaining millions of dollars in earned benefits for veterans and their survivors, all of which contributed to the Bexar County economy.

Queta serves as a Regional Director for a national non-profit that provides a career readiness program for transitioning veterans, as the Co-Chair of the San Antonio Regional Community Veterans Engagement Board, as a member of the TXServes San Antonio Advisory Board, is actively engaged in her son’s school, and her neighborhood association. She continues to provide help to veterans on a voluntary basis and continues to be a strong advocate for veterans, children, neighborhoods and public schools.


Income and Gender Inequality

Bexar County is one of the most economically segregated areas in the country, continues to see an increase in inequality and poverty, a decline in home ownership, high rates of domestic violence, and low educational attainment.  These challenges create barriers to economic stability for the working-class families of Bexar County and creates hardship for our community’s children, negatively impacting educational attainment.  Women in particular face grim circumstances in terms of safety, economic mobility, and health, to name a few.  Given that women are a majority, these circumstances have a profound effect on the strength of our community.

With your help, we will begin to change the trajectory of poverty and inequality, bringing in the very best expertise, taking a critical and holistic approach to identifying weakness in our past.  We will take aggressive measures and implement best practices, and use innovative ways to leverage federal, state and County resources to tackle our community’s biggest challenges.

We can no longer afford to say, “it’s not my job.”

It’s ALWAYS time to do the RIGHT thing.

Small Business Development

Our county’s citizens deserve leadership that promotes small business and equitable economic growth opportunities through a fair and transparent process.  County contract awards should be representative of the diversity of our community.

With your support, we will significantly increase the use of local small, minority, veteran and women-owned business in County projects and services.  We will expand education and outreach to increase participation of small business owners who feel they cannot fairly compete for county contracts.  Ensuring we have a diverse group of contract awardees will help us close the economic inequality gap and restore public trust and confidence in our system.  When small businesses thrive, our entire economy benefits.

It’s ALWAYS time to do the RIGHT thing.

Campaign Finance & Ethics Reform

The highest standards of ethics, accountability, and transparency are paramount to any democracy.  Government officials earn public trust through ethical, deliberate, thoughtful and transparent decision-making that is accountable to the people it serves over any special interest.

Currently, and unlike most levels of government, there are no campaign contribution limits for County Commissioners, nor any policies in place to prevent lobbyists and County contract seekers from using the influence of money to sway decisions on projects and services which use taxpayer dollars.  This erodes public confidence.

With your support, we will create an environment where the will of the people supersedes all else, creating a ban on campaign contributions from any entity awarded or seeking a contract on a taxpayer-funded project.   We will also work with our counterparts across the state who understand the importance of minimizing the influence of money in government and politics to advocate for the creation of state law which places campaign contribution limits at the County level.

It’s ALWAYS time to do the RIGHT thing.

Service to Our Nation’s Heroes

The brave men and women who have served our great nation deserve the best in Veterans Services.

With your support, we will restore services that have been eliminated in recent years.  We will fix one of the largest problems our veterans and their survivors face – lack of education regarding benefits and services they are eligible for, and advocacy to ensure they receive all they have earned through service to our country. 

We will create a robust educational program and restore outreach in areas most affected – senior centers, retirement communities and low-income community centers.

Our nation’s heroes deserve the very BEST.  We will provide the best for them.

It’s ALWAYS time to do the RIGHT thing.

Public Safety

Our County’s citizens deserve a safe community to live, work and raise families. 

With your support, we will address public safety concerns by ensuring our Sheriff’s Department has the very best resources, competitive pay, and quality hiring and retention assistance.  Current use of unprecedented levels of mandatory and forced overtime has resulted in overworked personnel, causing a threat to public safety, and puts a strain on detention center and law enforcement personnel and their families.  We will bring in the best expertise to identify mitigating measures as we work to support our men and women who put their lives on the line every day in service to our community. 

It’s ALWAYS time to do the RIGHT thing.

Property Tax Relief

Property taxes are a major challenge for many of our working-class families, our elderly and disabled. 

Together, we will implement property tax relief for residents through creative initiatives such as tax breaks for those who pay early or in-full and taking a critical look at assessments.  We will expand education efforts to ensure property owners are fully aware of ways to reduce property taxes so that they are not forced to leave their homes.    

It’s ALWAYS time to do the RIGHT thing.